Post #3 visit

Saw the Doc today for the week after check in. Blood work still doing OK.  I’ve been having trouble with thermoregulation the last several weeks. Hot flashes at night so hot it wakes me up and I feel like I could cook an egg on my skin. Then a few hours later, cold and just can’t warm up no matter how many blankets.  Happens during the day too, but not to the extremes. I tried vitamin E … paah… no change! So he’s given me another medication to try. 

Finally started to get my appetite back this afternoon. Just did not want to eat much of anything for days. Pushing fluids and calories because I know I need to… nibbling here and there. Actually had a “normal” dinner tonight. Yea!

Chemo #3 Done

Three down, one to go of the nasty stuff. Blood work still looks good. 

 The Doc said that yes, this is the nasty part. These chemicals are very harsh. After #4 I’ll have the usual three weeks to recover, then start phase 2.  He said the next chemical is much easier, and will be weekly.

Pep Talk with Myself

It’s the day before chemo #3 of phase 1 and I’m just not looking forward to returning to tired/sick person.  This week I’ve had energy to take the dog on long walks (at least for me these days… 1.5 miles on Sunday!).  Even a little weeding in the garden.  David keeps reminding me that this will be 75% through the nasty part (doxorubicin/cyclphosphaide).  I’ll be glad to talk with the Doctor tomorrow to get a better idea of how chemo phase 2 (Paclitaxel) will work.  I’m a little worried about the weekly doses and expectations for energy levels/ability to do some desk work.  More tomorrow…

Up Week

Making good progress this week.  My sister, Colleen, came to visit this week to help out while David was away at a training.  She had a rough trip getting here with an unexpected overnight stay in Dallas Sunday night due to a cancelled plane.  But all was well by Monday evening with the delivery of her lost bag.  We had a good week.  I did you usual routine of working in the mornings, and afternoon naps.  She took care of a lot of the daily chores: keeping me fed, cleaning and walking Kiani.  She and Kiani were quickly friends.  We did get a few “field trips” in during the week.  She got to take me to the Cancer Center on Wednesday. Just blood tests to check on post chemo levels.  All good!  She drove us to Grand Junction on Thursday afternoon to visit with Kacie for a little while in the afternoon, and see all the lovely scenery between Montrose and Grand Junction.

Post Chemo #2

Better!  Tired, appetite low, but no nausea.  Had a delicious potato leek soup last night for dinner.  Coach Kelly brought us dinner and a beautiful bouquet of flowers.  The anti-nausea drugs make me sleepy.  I fell asleep on the couch after dinner, all snuggled in my nap quilt, and David woke me up at 11pm to suggest I move to the bed.  Had to get up at midnight for drugs, but went right back to sleep.  Then I slept through the night until the 6am drug call.  David brought me a small breakfast in bed, then I napped until mid-morning.  Been lazing on the couch most of the day, with little naps.  Feeling so much better this time!  We did go back to the Cancer Center at 1pm for my Neulasta (white blood cell boosting) shot.  Now snuggled back into my couch nest watching the spring/winter storm try to move in.

Chemo #2

Yea, my new port works great.  No problems getting samples.  Had a good visit with Dr. again.  All blood work looked good.  He ordered the extra IV anti-nausea drug, so hoping all goes well.  I’m supposed to call if I have any nausea at all, or if my eyes turn yellow again.  Fingers crossed!

Had my labs, doctor’s visit and then chemo delivery all in about 4 hours.  Feeling tired … like you feel when you’re coming down with the flu.  I have my lovely nap blanket, happily lounging on the reclining seat of the couch.  Off to nappy land for a little while.  And drink LOTS of fluids to flush this stuff out.


Yes, the first chemo drug is so very unnaturally red.  Reminds me of Hawaiian Punch Cool-aid!


I’m doing OK today. Most of the discomfort from the new port is gone. Just bruised to the yellow stage. And a little itchy. Can’t wait until the skinbond stuff finally peels off. It appears I’ve developed a sensitivity to the tegaderm bandage they usually use.  

Still tough to sleep any way but on my back. I must be far enough out from the last chemo that I don’t HAVE to have a nap in the afternoon. A short lie-down does the trick… but then I’m really ready for bedtime.

Chemo #2 is scheduled tomorrow… if Dr. is happy with my blood work and healing. Trying to psych myself up, and once again hoping that the additional nausea med will make this trip better than #1.

Unfortunately, it’s Kacie’s spring break this week. Bummed that we’ll be otherwise occupied most of the week.  But we’ve had some fun yesterday and today… before I become a couch potato for a few days. We did a little thrift store shopping, got caught up on “Steven Universe” episodes, and got her hair dyed in multi-colored streaks (orange, black, lavender and dark purple). It looks awesome!